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24 March 2020

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5 July 2020

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About ICOB

Statement of Need

The International Conference on Burnout (ICOB) is an Innovative CPD Conference addressing the mental and physical health of all staff in the medical field who serve on the front lines of patient care.  The medical community do meaningful work in some of the most stressful working conditions.  Their jobs often result in burnout, compassion fatigue and other physical and mental issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies Burnout as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,”

In May 2019 WHO updated its definition of burnout in the new version of its handbook of diseases, the International Classification of Diseases — ICD-11 —which will go into effect in January 2022.

Burnout is a major issue among physicians and medical practitioners, with the recent increase of tragedies of physician suicide this shows just how extreme and how devastation untreated burnout, compassion fatigue and mental strain  can be.  At a quick glance here are some quick facts on Burnout:

  • Burnout has been defined as long term, unresolved job stress that leads to exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed, cynical, detached from the profession, and lacking a sense of personal accomplishment.
  • Majority of physicians don’t seek help, due to negative perceptions.
  • Health care facilities and government organizations don’t offer medical staff wellness programs.
  • The mounting challenges to deliver safe, quality healthcare in a frenetic workplace, cannot lie on clinical skills alone. The healthcare workforce needs to be equipped with training to be more resilient, present minded, and compassionate toward patients and themselves.

Conference Objectives

The objective of ICOB is to build a scientific understanding of Burnout chronically affecting the healthcare community.

The conference organization committee commitment is to:

  • Share evidence-based programs, self-care tools, resources and strategies to build resilience in the face of adversity and stressful environments.
  • Promote scientifically validated systems of technologies, techniques and contemplative practice to help reduce stress.
  • Create meaningful dialogue and collaborative solutions to support and accelerate positive impact to wellbeing programs for the medical community.
  • Address series of issues affecting the medical community such as , compassion fatigue, dangers to patient safety, stress related physical, mental and relational effects of burnout.


The conference theme “One Nation Under Stress” encapsulates the difficult diverse settings we currently live in. We welcome you to take the time to spend the weekend at the conference to bring to awareness how Burnout is plaguing the Medical Community and harming patients.